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1. How do I order the Unique Travel Set?

The whole ordering process of the Unique Travel Set is very simple! Just choose your product, add it to your cart and go to the checkout. When you reach the checkout point, you will be asked to register and enter your name and delivery address and pay for your products.

2. Can I get some parts of the set in a different color?

Yes, you can!

There are three ways of buying the Unique Travel Set:

You can choose monochromatic Unique Travel Set in only one color..
You can choose your Unique Travel Set to have different color pairs (i.e. red dress and black pants…).
You can buy only few parts of the Unique Travel Set and choose between available colors.

3. How do I pick the color, size and length?

There are available Petite, Regular and Long versions of length and XS, S, M, L, XL in sizing.

Regarding the color, you can choose it, together with the sizing, right after you open a specific product. There is also a detailed size chart and if you follow it, there is almost a 100% chance you won’t be missing your size.  However, if you need some help with choosing the best size for you, please send us an e-mail to and we will help you choose the right combination for you.