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Unique Travel Set Luxury Edition


Unique Travel Set Luxury Edition consists of Basic set with additional mesh dress and long scarf for the elegant and luxurious look!

  • Diamond Black
  • Coal Grey
  • Marine Blue
  • Green
  • Beige
  • Red

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  • S
  • M
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  • Petite
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Unique Travel Set is ready made, smart clothing solution for women.

Unique Travel Set  is a set of seven perfectly designed and harmonized pieces of clothing packed in a fashionable and multifunctional bag. Luxury  edition consists of one additional mesh dress and long and stylish multifuncional scarf that can be used as a belt as well.

The set consists of: pants, leggings with a breathable net, a long shirt, a multifunctional dress, a cap, a belt and removable long sleeves and it all comes in its own multifunctional bag.
And do you know what? It weighs only 1.4 kilos or just around 3 pounds.

The Unique Travel Set is made from super comfy, durable and wrinkle-free fabrics and thanks to its perfect shape and pattern, you will not sweat or have embarrassing stains on your dress. And guess what?! It’s machine washable too.

Each part of the Unique Travel Set has been designed and tested by over 100 women from all over the world and all of them were partners in the making of this product during the last two years. Thanks to their feedback we can proudly say – we have a perfect travel product. The Unique Travel Set!

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Diamond Black, Coal Grey, Marine Blue, Green, Beige, Red, Purple


XS, S, M, L, XL


Petite, Regular, Long


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